100% Bronze sculptures/statuettes/statues

I am looking for the correct commodity code for the export of 100% bronze sculptures/statues/statuettes
I used the tariff tool searching for Bronze Statue/Statuette and the above code was presented 7419 99 90 99 and/or 8306290000. I got two different codes from HMRC.
These sculptures are made from the original molds created by Oscar Nemon
They are ornamental and not functional
They are reproduced by the company “Estate of Nemon”
They are sold on order to eBay customers and when commissioned by Museums. There are large and small reproductions.
Please could you help me confirm which is the correct code. Also, do we put the export HS code on our invoices? as we will be exporting the sculptures from UK out. When I made a query with HMRC, they provided the import code. I really do not want to give the incorrect information out
i appreciate your help on this
Many thanks