99 Special Combined Nomenclature Codes

I am looking to apply codes to all our items used offshore and came accross 9931 which is found by typing in “OFFSHORE” in the tariff code search online. Can someone assist with how this code works as HMRC online can’t help with it.

If you look at the likes of Turbines and associated parts they relate to aircraft as the end use, but these are used offshore too so the codes don’t work. Hopefully someone can help?

Take a look at 8502 31 for Wind Turbines and 8503 for Wind Turbine parts.

Hi Ken,

Interesting, in the past chapter 99 was not used, nor displayed, but I see the EU is now displaying this. I will bring this up with HMRC.

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They are not wind turbines, they are power turbines but gas or fuel oil powered (sometime dual fuel), similar to aircraft turbines but mounted on a skid on the deck to provide power on the rig for equipment and operations.

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I have questioned chapter 99 with HMRC via their tariff management email address, but they have not been able to answer me so far.


Out of interest as you seem to provide consultancy to HMRC on the codes, is there anything that provides a link between the Tariff codes and the UNSPC structure. The UNSPSC being a world wide recognised commodity coding structure in it’s own right. This is what we use at the moment to identify the products we own and buy.

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Okay Ken, take a look in 8411

Thanks, I’ll have a look, the main issue seems to be that there hasn’t been much thought into products used in the offshore industry. Everything I look at seems to fall under the “Other” heading. Which is fine if that’s all there is available, but I don’t want to get this wrong, especially as we are looking to allocate codes to something in the region of 250K individual items.