Beret hat commodity code

I wonder if someone can help with the following query.
The company I work for imports hats and beanies from China for delivery in the UK and Europe.
After an issue with customs at Antwerp, we have found that code 6505009010 is only to be used for “berets, in wool, hand made” (as this website explains).
However, the question is: do the “commas” mean “and”? As in only berets (no other type of beanie or hat) that are made in wool and that are knitted by hand.
So any machine knitted wool berets or any hand made acrylic berets do not fall under this category?
If yes to the first question, do they have to be 100% wool or just as long as there is a wool percentage?
Many thanks.

Yes the commas mean and. So for this code all aspects of the description must be met.
So it must be 100%wool.
If not then it is 6505 009090 (same rate)
And it looks to me that this same code applies to pretty well all the headgear that you mention.

It seems a bit nitpicking to say it is wrong , although probably correct.
Do customs at antwerp offer an alternative code? They would in the UK.

Apologies for the delay in replying, as I have been away. Many thanks for your clarification. I agree with you that it seems rather picky for Antwerp to make a fuss now, since we have imported this many times before with no issues. Antwerp customs have not only not given us an alternative code, they also fined us, even though the duty was the same. Needless to say we have now corrected the code for future shipments!