Bicycle Frame Commodity Code?

Hi! I hope someone can help clarify?

I imported a steel bicycle frame from Japan. It included a headset and no bottom bracket.

I was charged import duty at 14% so I understand it was calculated under the commodity code 8712003090 - “Bicycles and other cycles (including delivery tricycles), not motorised - Bicycles with ball bearings - Other”

However, I wondered if I could dispute it as it’s not a full bicycle and only the frame and headset (although the headset does have small bearings…), I thought it would fall under the commodity code 8714911039 - “Parts and accessories of vehicles of headings 8711 to 8713 - Frames and forks, and parts thereof - Painted, anodised, polished and/or lacquered”

Also, the invoice from the seller only states “Bicycle”. (It was not possible to get them to state “Bicycle Frame”)

Thanks and looking forward to receiving your answers.

Classifying (pedal) bicycles and other non-motorised cycles

Bicycles and other non-motorised cycles - including children’s bicycles and delivery tricycles – are classified under heading 8712.

A bicycle is to be classified as a complete or finished vehicle provided it has the essential character of a bicycle.

This means that the frames and forks must be present, plus any 2 of the following major components – a set of wheels, a steering unit (including handlebar and handbar stems), brake system and crank-gear (normally consists of a bracket-bearing axle, gearings and a crank or pedal arm).

Bicycles are classified under subheading 87120030 and unicycles under 87120070.

Parts of bicycles are often classified under subheading 87149, but excepting items such as tyres (chapter 40), luggage (chapter 42) or lighting (8512100000).

These classifications do not include motorcycles, mopeds, scooters and cycles with motors.

This commodity code may be applicable.

Commodity information for 8714911029

If the country of origin is JP and this is stated on the invoice you should be able to claim tariff preference under the EU JP EPA and reduce the duty to 0%
However the person inputting the import entry must include specific information;

Commercial Invoices that state Country of Origin - Japan and/or JP
Import Entry info:
Box 44 enter ‘U112 JP’ and claim preference
Box 36 must include preference code 300
Box 47c should be coded ‘A’

The document reference number will be the Commercial Invoice number.

Thank you! Your explanation was really helpful and I’m grateful for your time.

Just another query, for 0% duty - is this only applicable to trade buyers? I’m a private buyer and I don’t see the import entry boxes that you described on my commercial invoice which was attached to the package.

Hi, the EU JP EPA should still apply to you. I’m guessing this came over by courier or parcel service? I would contact them and query this. If the invoice clearly states the country of origin as Japan or JP I think youfhave a good case to challenge this.

The box numbers are for the person inputting the data in the customs system. The person at the courier or postal companty who inputted your invoice details into the customs system to calculate the VAT and Duty.

“There are a number of other circumstances where relief from some or all customs charges may be available. If you think your goods may be eligible for a relief you can contact the HMRC, International Trade and Excise enquiries service by phone on 0300 200 3700 for further information.”

Imports and exports: general enquiries

Amazing, thank you for all the extra info!! I will definitely give them a call and fingers crossed get a refund!

I did more research I found out on that the EU JP EPA doesn’t apply to imports into the UK due to Brexit. The UK was classified as a ‘third country’ as of 1 February 2020 and therefore subject to import duty… :sob:

I don’t think that is correct, I have been importing goods from JP to UK last week duty free under the EU JP EPA. During the brexit transition period all current EU FTA’s remain in place for the UK.