I have connected in Sandbox to bulk-data-download API but it seems empty.
Is the data available yet ?

The URI i’m using is:


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Hi Stutray,

We (Bit Zesty) are only responsible for the GOV.UK Tade Tariff service, the bulk data download is from HMRC.

That said, I can confirm that it is not returning the data within the sandbox, and I, unfortunately, do not know what their timelines are to resolve that.

You could contact HMRC support here: https://developer.service.hmrc.gov.uk/developer/support


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Hi Matt,

Apologies for the misunderstanding but appreciate your help.
As a side note, is there a way to export a list of all 10 digit codes with key fields?

Best Wishes

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Hi Stutray,

Yes via the Trade Tariff API we have some key field and the full commodity codes with the goods nomenclatures end point, if you need more information please let me know, we offer the data per section in json and csv.


Hi Matt,

I have setup a node environment and the example works great.
Is there a way to get the ‘base’ ‘duty_expression’ from the API.

As an example :
would be "12.80 % + 303.40 EUR / 100 kg"

I tried
but this returns undefined. Do I need a prefix?


Hi @stutray :wave:

We’d recommend using our V2 API as it’s got some more endpoints, is more performant and we’re in the process of deprecating V1.

As for the base duty expression you’ll need to identify the measure with the measure type which has ID 103 or description “Third Country Duty” to locate this.

Hi ryan,

Thanks for the update.
Looks like there are some differences in V2 but I have managed to navigate to where I need to be.

Thanks, Stu