C086 PPE Declaration Help

I have had a shipment of PPE eqpt that has the Export Authorisation
I completed box 44 with C086 (which I can find no reference to in Appendix C11).
Status AE doc ref GBPPE2020nnnnnn, Part 1 QTY nnnn (as defined on the Authorisation).

I received an error report from CHIEF declaring the item required a licence.

The only thing I was not sure of was the part number. The licence was only for 1 item so I used part 1. The information in the licence started with the commodity code in box 6. I tried 6 as well with the same result.
I included a LIC99 just to get an entry ref
I emailed CHIEF ops with the information I had entered and they directed me to:

This is where I got the info from initially.
I advised as such but have not had a subsequent response.
Unfortunately the goods did not depart as planned due to MAWB issues.

They did go on a subsequent MAWB but only after route 1 document presentation.
I have also spoken to the HUB Technical on this and they can see no reason why a further licence was required to get the entry accepted.

Please be aware of this. You may need a copy of the export authorisation not just the information required.

Has anyone managed to get one of these shipments through without having to declare LIC99 as well as C086?