Calculating Duty

Hi, I’m new to importing of goods and wanted to find out a few things.

In order to decide if I want to import a product, I’d need to be able to calculate the total costs to myself, including duty and any other charges. Is there a template or tool I can use to calculate the duty, or could someone assist me?

Lets say the item is made of cotton, with a plastic clip on the item, would just be cotton?

Also, if I deemed my product to be in one category, and customs decide it is not and that I got my category wrong, is there a penalty for this?

Hi there, for working out the costs of import tax and VAT you can use this calculator It offers you 5 free a day, then there’s a small charge above that.

If you are having your items shipped in your supplier may already have a commodity code which they use. I had problems with mine as it is metal frames and fabric so wasn’t sure what to use but they had the commodity codes already sorted. Not too sure but I’d say if they are mixed items you use the commodity code with the most charge but don’t QUOTE me on that. Hopefully someone else can help you further as I’m also very new to this and only had one shipment so far. I also don’t think there is a penalty from what I read up on if you have the wrong commodity code, it just may be delayed and they may decide to charge you more but again please don’t quote me on this. Hope I’ve been of some help and good luck with your new venture.