Cam Buckle Straps for Securing Loads During Transport - Classification Code Please

Hi Everyone,

Totally new to this but would greatly appreciate some advice please - I am looking to import Cam Buckle Straps from China which are used for securing loads during transport much like ratchet straps but I am struggling to find a suitable commodity code? The item consists of straps made from webbing attached to plastic end fittings via metal ‘D’ rings and it has a metal cam buckle to allow the straps to be joined, tensioned and secured.

Thank you in advance!

I think 8479899790 could be the most applicable classification.

Machines and mechanical appliances having individual functions, not specified or included elsewhere in chapter 84. Other machines and ‘mechanical appliances’.

If it’s comparable to a ratchet strap, there is a BTI - GBBTI503755948 - which classifies a woven strap of polyester with metal hooks at the end under 6307909899. Other textile articles.