Changes endpoints


I am trying to use the changes endpoints (ex: but it’s unclear to me how this works.
The documentations is not very helpfull so what I am interested in is to understand:
1.what kind of changes can be found here, only measure changes?
2.are there any fields that are not changed like maybe id or origin or anything else?
3.what does “operation” field represent (are these abbreviations for something?) and are there any other values than “C” and “U” for this field?;
4.what does “operation_date” represent - maybe the date when the change occurred?; the measure id the same as the one from commodity details? looks like some of them are not found in commodity details( endpoint, so I’m confused. Otherwise how can I identify the measure I need to change?

Thank you

Hi @Florina

Yes, the changes endpoint is perhaps the least useful of the API endpoints. It is on our roadmap to improve this, it wasn’t designed to do what it looks like you are trying to do which is to highlight which measure has changed.

At the moment it only detects if a measure within that commodity code has changed. As an example here is the rss for the changes feed

Yes, operation_date is the date the change occurred, which might not be the same day the change comes into effect. The operation could also be deleted which I believe is mapped to an X.