Classification for handbags hand-made (10) or other (90)

Does anyone know what the classification for handbags “Hand-made” (ending in 10) or “Other” (ending in 90) mean?
Aside from a moulded plastic handbag or suitcase, I can’t think how one cannot be hand-made. As far as I can tell, they all need some degree of manual handling when being manufactured, even if it is machine sewn.
Many thanks.

Just in case anyone else is wondering, I have had a reply from HMRC, where they state that “Hand made items are generally items made by an individual, often at home. The expression ‘hand-made’ appears in several parts of the tariff, but it is very rare for anything to be classified to one of these codes. For any commercial imports, the ‘other’ than hand-made code should be used.”