Coconut Milk Hs Code


Is anyone able to provide a HS code for the following:

Coconut milk -
A - 20-22% fat
B - 12-14% fat
C - 5-7% fat

Any problems, please advise.

Many thanks


Hello @Jamesmc, it is dried or liquid? and how is it packed tins, sachets etc…?

Hi there,

Many thanks for your reply. I got this classified with customs as 2106909260 .


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Hello @Jamesmc, good job. There is 12.8% import duty on that code so it would be worth you checking if the exporting country has preferential trade with the UK. You may be able to reduce or eliminate the duty through the use of a GSP or REX statement (depending on the country). All the best.

Hi, what will the UKGT import duty be on products currently under code 2106909260 from 1st January 2021?

What about the VAT payable or not for the coconut which classified as 2106909260? thanks

Hi. I have imported coconut milk and am being charged an a20 tax which I never heard of. This is working out to be more than the coconut milk itself. Is anyone aware of this.?