Code for imitation fufflinks in wooden box

Firstly, please forgive my crass ignorance; I am a fast learner but I haven’t done this before and I could do without making a cod’s ear of it.

I want to bring in cufflinks (imitation Jewellery) in a wooden purpose-made box from China via Alibaba. The seller said they would send it under HS code 7117110000 which is the jewellery part, but if they sent JUST the boxes the code would be 4202926010.

1 Is there a direct relationship between the HS code and the Commodity Code?
2 Which item takes precedence - the cufflinks or the wooden box they come in?
3 Should I be declaring two commodity codes, one for the box and one for the cufflinks?
4 Can someone tell me the commodity code(s), please?

Thank you kindly.