Commodity Code for Loofah

First off does any one know of a user friendly resource to find commodity codes? I find the trade tariff search tool on the gov website to be extremely confusing.

I have emailed their [ but am yet to receive a response.

I am trying to find the commodity code that would best fit cleaning sponges made from the loofah plant.

The best match I seem to be able to find is:

Vegetable products not elsewhere specified or included

Any help at all would be amazing.



The EU TARIC website seems to have a better search engine. If you type in loofah it leads you to Chapter 46

Have your tried the Parcelforce Worldwide Tools :grinning:

Hi Ben,

Could you let me know what search terms you tried?

When I search for loofah chapter 42, heading 02 appear.


Thanks for your help!