Commodity code + Meursing Code

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Unsure if anyone can help with this question.
I’m Importing a type of Juice Ball from Taiwan.

  1. Weight is 3.2kg in total
  2. Contains Fructose 16.5%
  3. Contains Starch 1.5%

It’s was suggested to me that I use commodity 2106909849 and the Meursing code 7001

I’m getting confused when trying to use the Meursing calculator. I’ve read and re-read the definitions and can’t workout if HMRC consider fructose as:

• Sucrose/Invert Sugar/Isoglucose

If they do then the Meursing code given to me is correct if it’s not that I’d expect the Meursing code to be 7000

Any ideas anyone?


Sucrose is the scientific name for table sugar is made up of glucose and fructose.
Inverted sugar is the normal a syrup made from sucrose and water.
Isoglucose is high-fructose corn syrup.

I hope this helps

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