Commodity code please manufacturing

Hi, im looking for clarification that i have identified the correct commodity codes for goods we may export.

We supply MFC office/commercial storage walls/lockers (some working parts are metal and imported from the EU). We may also at times provide meeting pods which are of metal construction cladded with MFC/other wood and have foam seating. For exporting do we need commodity codes for different types of materials made into the final product we are exporting i,e metal, mfc/wood and foam/upholstery? or just in relation to what the final product is for export?

So far i have;

wood products 9403309900 - we supply 3 mtr height units
metal products 9403109100 - meeting pods made of metal, wood, foam seating over 80cm in height or;
upholstered seating 9401710000

Thanks in advance