Demountable / Pick-up Camper HS Code?


All help appreciated - that’s the best code for demountable campers?

To save a google, it’s a caravan minus wheels etc you mount on a pickup. I want to import one from Russia but have no idea what the code is.

It’s made from fibreglass and will be fitted with small appliances such as a water system and heaters, but no gas etc.



Hi James, thats an interesting one. I would say as its primarily a vehicle cab which is used for camping and cannot be used it on its own it would be classed as a vehicle body. This is under section 8707 - you can see the section on the trade tariff here. You then just need to select the most appropriate vehicle you will be using it with with that section. Duty looks to be 4.5% with standard VAT.

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Thanks for that. What troubles me about the cab definition is that a cab / cabin is where the control of the vehicle occurs. The vehicle must be stopped to use the demountable, and the vehicle can be used without the demountable. This cannot be a cab.

To my mind, it’s more: Trailers and semi-trailers; other vehicles, not mechanically propelled; parts thereof - therefore falling under 8716 somewhere?

How about 9406 90 10 00
Prefabricated Buildings
Mobile Homes
Duty 2.7%

I took this as mounted a part of the vehicle. Looks like I’ll need some more information or photos to make an accurate classification :wink: