Disposale Face masks- not classified

Very huge need to get disposable face masks. Need them urgently. Can somebody please gide on the HSC code for disposable 3 ply face masks.
Would be indebted.
Kind regards

Hi Julie,

Code for importing 3 PLY masks is 9020000020.

Do you need help sourcing these?

We specialise in importing goods in bulk and have very short lead times on delivering masks at the moment.

Please let me know and I can get some info sent over to you.

Best wishes,


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Hi Aamena
I need some help getting large quantity of
3 ply face mask.
Can you please help
Kind regards

Hi Rajinder,

I can most definitely help.

You may be aware of the various export and manufacturing restrictions imposed on international suppliers at the moment, so prices and supply is fluctuating rapidly.

However, I am certain we can fulfil your needs if we act fast.

Can you email me your requirements at info@oliveridleysourcing.com?

I will get back to you ASAP.

Thanks so much,


Hi Julie. There are some BTI’s for non-woven disposable masks. The commodity code stated is 6307909810

Dear @Rajinder,

I have great connections with some suppliers with great prices. Please let me know if you would like more info.

Dear all,
I need an agency that can follow me in the importation of 3ply masks.
I found the factory and I paid for the order but I need to do the application in order to pay for the duty.

Please, somebody can help me?


Yes please
Can you please send more information about the product , price and all other costs etc

Can anyone advise if the medical mask is exempt from import duty as I understand it is now in the states?

I have also got in contact directly with en CE certified factory but need help with import process please.

Many thanks

Dear @Rajinder,
Please send me an email to trade@ledlightuk.co.uk so we can discuss it further.

Dear @Tracy,

I would advise to find a shipping agency so they can also sort the customs clearance and the rest.

In regards to the masks, it is important to buy from a trusted supplier at the moment. If you would like you can drop me an email at trade@ledlightuk.co.uk to compare the details with my supplier.


Hi Aamena, I am looking for large quantity of 3 ply face masks both for adults and children.

Hi @K1K2

Please email me your requirements at info@oliveridleysourcing.com

I would be happy to help.

Thank you,


Hi If you need also large quantities of mask I can help you. I’m the agent for a Chinese company.
please email me to mcicconi@italian-excellence.co.uk



Hi My friend are sending me 100 CE FDA certified surgical mask from China. (I based in UK) Can anyone know as recipient will I be liable any tax?
Thanks in advance for reply. Anna

Hello, my name is Felix , our company can provide KN95 masks, stock available in UK, grade EN149, please contact me if necessary. phone number : 07925605366.

Hi Julie, certainly we can help you with your mask requirements and other Personal Protective Equipment, such as gloves goggles etc.
Kind regards
Andy Hathaway
CEO Medicam
Mobile 07860507987

Hi guys i have in stock CE marked genuine not fake N95 FFP2 Face masks avail landed in UK, we are shipping around 5000 masks per day direct from our suppliers in HK
I have already sold into the trade and retail if you require more info specs and stock levels please drop me line
genuine enquiries only



One of my associates can provide KN95 masks, stock available in UK, grade EN149, please contact me if necessary.
Joanne 07890316816

Hi everyone,
Im Andy Cai. My company is VAT registered and have import import license. I especially deal the goods import from China to UK. And I have export license in China as well. I can supply all type of mask to meet your requirements. Also the price is fair value. Due to the space shotage by the airline, only three flights a week from Shanghai to UK. So it will approximately take 10 working days to UK. if you have any questions please contact me on 07422959845 or email me on themandarinsky@hotmail.com.
Thank you