Duty and VAT API

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Some time ago I’ve found in your forum the reference to your unofficial JSON API

Doing some research I found the other endpoints that your API provides like:

I’d like to know if there is any way to get the information about the VAT using the same API?

I believe that I’ve found the information inside the import_measures array that is inside the JSON file returned with the commodity (the variable VAT is true in that cases). But I’d like to know if sending the commodity number would be possible to return just the VAT value of it (related to the geographical area too).

Something like /trade-tariff/vat/0101210000.json

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Hi Rodrigo,

We’re in the process of making the API more usable to third parties, for now to detect the VAT, there are measure types of VTS and VTZ (VAT standard rate and zero rate) within the import_measures array which you could detect.


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Hi Matt.

Thank you so much.

I have some questions related with the Duties and the geographical areas. What would be the best way to send them? Can I send them to you?

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