Encoding problem for supplementary units

Please send the CODES for the supplementary units, not the friendly names. Consider , commodity 2809100000

The supplementary unit is “kilograms of diphosphorus pentoxide”. But you send back

You’re trying to send “kg P2O5” but it comes out as nonsense.

Since HMRC already have a code for “kilograms of diphosphorus pentoxide” - “005” - please send back that.

If you cannot send back “005”, please send something that doesn’t contain nonsense characters.


p.s. why was my message flagged as spam? Because it originally contained a link to the service in question? That’s daft.

Hi @Daniel.Clarke.WiseTech

I do agree that for the API we can send back the codes along with the description, we recently released the API so happy to add that data in.

With the formatting, that is odd when I look a the JSON response I see the description formatted correctly:

Can I ask how you are calling the API so we can see if we can replicate this issue?

Please do send back the codes, like “030” for “number of units” (“p/st”). That will solve the problem.

N.B, its not the description that’s the problem, it’s the code itself.
I am downloading the text using a .net WebClient with default windows (1252) encoding. If I change it to UTF-8 it’s still no good.

If we send back the measure components for the duty calculation, this will also contain the IDs so that should hopefully resolve both issues.