Europe Japan New Trade agreement

We import from Japan and when the agreement is activated 01/02/2019 We suspect Tariff codes will change, How will we know which code to apply following that date?
Thanks Mike

It is unlikely that tariff codes will change significantly as a result of the agreement - what is more likely is that a separate rate will be made available within the same code for goods with a valid statement of origin.

Where a change is made, it will apply to imports from all countries - which is why code changes are infrequent. Your clearance agent should be clued up on applicable changes and you can check the online UK Trade Tariff if you believe some goods are more likely to change than others.

Phil Challen

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Thank you for your reply Phil much appreciated


On browsing the EU-JAPAN Economic Partnership agreement, It looks like the aim is to remove or reduce the Import Tariffs for Both Japan and Europe, The UK will also have to implement any changes as part of Europe and possibly on-going if agreement can be made between UK and Japan after Brexit,
Are UK Tariff ready for this impact?

Hi Mike,

The UK tariff will be ready for the updates to the tariff, once the EU publishes the changes. After Brexit, the UK tariff will be updated to reflect the UK’s position.


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Thanks Matt, Appreciated.