Faraday Bags - Radio Wave Shielding Bags

I am after a little assistance.

I am looking to find out what the harmonisation code is for my products. They are somewhat niche, to say the least.
I descrive them as hand made, as they are made in the UK by a team of ladies and gents sitting at their sewing machines - but I am not sure this is accurate, as this is just my definition?

The products are nearly all bags. They have special properties that ensure that certain radio waves cannot penetrate them, (i.e. blocking mobile phone signals and WiFi signals etc).

The bags are all made in the UK. The outer material is either a nylon like synthetic material, (660dtex polypropolene), or top quality leather. The inner lining is a material made of various metals, (this provides the shielding).

I expect that I will need 2 codes, 1 for the leather products, 1 for the material products?

Many thanks in advance,