Fig Rolls Commodity Code

I am look for a commodity code for Fig Rolls, a fig paste within a biscuit casing. I have codes for Fig paste and codes for Biscuits but no code that covers both. Could someone please advise.
Thank you in advance

Foodstuffs are often awkward to classify, but I’d guess they’d go under “sweet biscuits”, either 1905313000 for those “containing 8% or more by weight of milkfats” or 1905319900 for “other”, assuming the guidance on 190531**** applies:

  1. The expression ‘sweet biscuits’ in heading 1905 31 applies only to products having a water content of not more than 12% by weight and a fat content of not more than 35% by weight (fillings and coatings are not to be taken into consideration in determining these contents).

These would also need an additional 4-digit code based on the content of:

Milk fat
Milk proteins
Starch / glucose
Sucrose / invert sugar / Isoglucose

The EU’s TARIC website can be used to determine that additional code.

You can also use this tool to find the additional Meursing code

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