Fruit Juice or not Fruit Juice?

Has anyone any idea what the percentage of fruit concentrate has to be in a product to be considered a “Fruit Juice” so that it can be classified in Ch 2009.

I am having trouble classifying some products - cannot get any clear definition from HMRC if a drink containing say 10% fruit concentrate would be considered as a fruit juice and be proper to being classified in Ch 2009 or would I need to look at Ch 2106 or 2202.

Can someone help with this?

For HS position 2009, they still need to have their “natural” character. E.g. sugar/sweetener may be added to regain the “natural” sweetness, as well as water may be added to regain juice from concentrate.

Juice-based drinks (e.g. containing only 10% juice, as stated above) will be 2202.

Thanks you - that does make sense.

At what percentage of fruit concentrate would be considered to contribute to their “natural” character?

I would have thought nothing less then 50%

Generally, it has to be “100% juice”. Added substances may only be minimal (and only water, sugar/sweeteners and spices are allowed, where the first two are only used to restore the properties that natural juice has in terms of concentration and sweetness).

Thank is great - thank you for your help with this - it clears away a lot of the mist.