Gift Box - mixed goods

I would like to export my gift box to USA and other countries.

It contains food (non-perishable), home ware and books.

I have HS codes for each item and calculated their individual duties to US, but as each item is not v expensive they don’t qualify for any duty.

However the whole box is expensive and almost certainly will have duty charges on it.

How do I calculate the duty for the combination of items? Any tools recommended? On SimplyDuty Import Calc they don’t allow you to calculate for multiple items, only one at a time.

Any advice/recommendations welcome.


The USA has a de-minimis threshold of $800.00 so duties and taxes will not apply.
Check the threshold of the various countries.
There are online duty calculators which you can use. Remember, each country will have different Duty and tax rates.

Hi Santosh, thanks for your reply. The gift box itself retails at £450 - you think no duties will apply?

If it is a commercial transaction i.e. someone buying the box then duty and taxes will apply. If it is a gift i.e. you are giving it away as a present and not charging anyone then the threshold will vary country to country.