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hi is there a more up to date data from for Tariff codes than the files data 16th March 2010 on the open data link:

I need help finding a commodity code for a certain knife, any help would be grateful as everyone thinks i’m crazy.

Hi All, I run a small niche motorcycle accessories business and post items all over the world. I am quite new to this but have noticed that after receiving classification advice from HMRC via their online/email system, there is a distinct duality in the process. For example, if I want to classify a rubber sheet used as a mudguard at the front of the rear wheel (as opposed to a spray suppressor at the rear of the wheel), it can be viewed as an article made from rubber and therefore classed as 4016999790 OR… it could be simply called a mudguard to start with and be classed as 8714109090.

This process could be/is repeated for any accessory in as much as we could start with the material used to manufacture the item or we could call them all ‘Motorcycle Accessories’ and they all come under chapter 87 unless excluded by the chapter notes. Mmmm not so easy is it!