Help with commodity codes

Hello, bit of a minefield, 3 products to get codes for, sponge scourers as used in your kitchen for cleaning/washing up, also kitchen cloths used for washing up, finally , air filter for home air filter machines.
As a side topic, deferment arrangements, DHL want 7% to use their account, how long does it take to get an account set up with HMRC?
Thank you!

Hello There!

Sponge Scourers would be: 3924.90
Kitchen Cloth would fall under same HS code: 3924.90
The closest to home air filter machine is: 8516.90

As for the deferment, DHL would charge 7% to use deferment, but we have a solution to collect the money before paying the customs, automatically to your bank account without needing DHL or any 3rd party.
Let me know if interested and i’ll introduce “Duties etc” to you, many importers are using our solution now and it helped them save labour cost for customs clearance and improved their cash flow dearly.


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