How much is customs duty percentage for dietary supplement?

Hello, I want to import a dietary supplement over £135 from the US but may be ship from Hong Kong or US.
How much percentage customs duty I need to pay if the goods is ship from Hong Kong and it it’s ship from the US? What is the commodity code for dietary supplements and food supplements and are they the same commodity code?

Hello @User100 what is the dietary supplement made of? You can ask the supplier for a HS code (commodity code) as they would need to declare it at export.

@awkennedy It’s made of herbal ingredients

Then it will most likely be HS subposition 2106.90.92 or 2106.90.98.aa

Here it depends how much sugar, starch, milk fat are contained, and the duty rate depends on the result (e.g. 9% plus the result of the meursing determination)…
You can check details here:

What is the 10 digit commodity code? So herbal supplements’ commodity code are not 3004100000? Doesn’t food and herbal supplements have a standard custom duty rate? The link is unhelpful. It doesn’t show me how much percentage of how much specifically us herbal supplements custom duty.

As mentioned, the commodity code most likely depends on the amount of sugar, starch, milk fat… that is contained. The link would help if you checked the different HS subpositions and determine which parameters are fulfilled. As I forgot my crystal ball, I could not give that answer.

3004 only applies if it is a medicament - you mentioned a food supplement…

Why does a commodity code for food and herbal supplements depend on the amount of sugar, starch, milk and fat? I mentioned dietary upplement. I use the link and it shows me Miscellaneous edible preparations 21 - Food preparations not elsewhere specified or included 2106 and Protein concentrates and textured protein substances 210610 Other 210690. On the bottom are footnotes. I am not knowledgeable in this area. Can you PLEASE tell me what number on the page is the commodities code and for my dietary supplement and that I can find the custom duty percentage?

I do not make the rules, I only apply them… when using the given link, you need to open the tree in the lower part of the window. This will lead you to the descriptions of the different tariff items.
I attached a picture.

You will see that there are several tariff items, and the appropriate one depends on the contents of sugar, starch, milk fat… choose the one that fits the composition of your dietary supplement.