I'm Importing a toy on Ebay from the EU to UK

How much tax do I pay on importing a £25-£35 Furby doll from Belgian and a the Netherlands. I will be buying it via E-bay. It is for personal use and about 5-6 to be bought in the next the year.

An example of what I’m aiming at is here: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FURBY-Hasbro-Tiger-Giraffe-Owl-Vintage-1999-NOT-Working-Interactive-Pet-Lot/264363810210?hash=item3d8d4f9da2:g:TZ4AAOSwOspdBT5-

The UK is still part of the EU so there are no customs formalities - therefore you will not pay any duty or tax within the EU.

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