Importing mixed goods from China - school stationery

Does anyone know if it is possible to import mixed goods from China under one commodity code only?
I am working with a charity and would like to purchase from China some school stationery (pens, pencils, note pads, rulers, etc.). Each product has a different commodity code and duty, but I would like to bring these into the UK as a set (1 set = 10 pens, 12 pencils, 6 note pads, 3 rulers, etc.).

This type of product is always unsatusfactory fron a classification standpoint. The classic case is of a first aid kit including the case, scissors, dressings, bandages, antiseptic cream, plasters etc, not to mention the case which is tge inly non-consumable. As none of the itens gives tge whole its essential character they all jave to be separately classified. As each separate classification is technically a separate declaration, this could mean you get charged for multiple declarations at the border. If the average declaration coats £50 and you have six items in each holder your clearance agent may charge £350 for each movement.

Separate items are not cleared as separate declarations if they are within one shipment - you make one customs clearance declaration per shipment. A shipment of multiple items are cleared under separate headings (or lines) within the single declaration. Agreed the customs clearance cost can be between £30-£50 depending on the shipping agent or you can clear it yourself for free by taking all paperwork to the local customs office.

You can bring the items in packed as kits but each item would need to be listed separately to be cleared through customs accurately with the correct duty and vat rates. If you have an itemised list of what is in each kit already it should be straightforward.

If your set qualifies to be in a “form or packing for retail sale” (consists of two or more items classifyable in different HS codes, intended to fulfill a special requirement/function, packing made up directly for distribution to end users withour furter repacking), ist can be classified under one heading.

If it does not qualify as such, Article 177 UCC gives a simpification option to perhaps declare all under the heading valid for the item with the highest duty rate. This is subject to approval by the customs office, you have to apply for this simplification within the customs declaration.

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