Inconsistency in API field objects

Hi @matt_bitzesty, hope you could help us out with this.
We are calling this: ( When we compare elements of the ‘data:attributes’ of the web-browser and the JSON file elements of the ‘data:attributes’, they are not matching or having extra fields in file. Please find attached our extracted JSON file.

The ‘ReferencedCommodity’ on the web-browser shows that there should be a total of 9 elements, whereas in the attachment we see 12 elements. Some of which are not defined as per the expected ‘ReferencedCommodity’ elements.


Although this is just an example, we have seen such issues with other objects also. Could you please help us understand from where these extra fields are coming from?


Thanks @matt_bitzesty for looking into this.

@matt_bitzesty, I’d be glad to provide more details if required.

@praveenkumar If you could provide examples that would be great - there may be new fields we’ve added to the API but have not updated the documentation in places

Hi @matt_bitzesty, the above in the screenshot is an example from the output and guidelines.