Long Term Supplier Declaration - Clarification Req'd

Could someone help?

One of our customers requires a Long Term Supplier Declaration.

Basically, we have material cut to shape in China. It’s then shipped to the UK for us to machine, weld, galvanise, assemble and Pack.

I assume the statement “No cumulation applied” is correct as the material is either sourced from the UK or China, therefore no cumulation with another EU country.

However, we need to understand what percentage of Ex-Works price must be from the EU to make the Origin EU (or England). I believe this is split by commodity code and by the country for which it is to be exported to, but I cannot find this information.

Currently, the China material cost is less than 1% of the Ex-Works price.

Are we on the right lines, or have we got this completely wrong? Can someone provide some help?


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Your supplier wants the LTSD to confirm that the goods you supply are of EU origin. There are detailed rules to determine which goods have that status, and the rules vary by product. As we don’t know what your product is, no answer can be given here (and what you are seeking is free advice that would normally cost 4-5 figure sums).

Have a look in HMRC Public Notice 828, which details the rules for each product type. If you are still confused after reading that, you’ll appreciate why people with specialist knowledge charge for providing it to you.