Low value (i.e. no duty) gifts going to the USA

I occasionally send some items to a friend in the USA as gifts, their material value is only a few pounds and postage about the same.

I use the Post Office’s online postage to print the postage on the envelope and print the CN22 on the back of the envelope, showing “Gift”.

When I last sent something, the new US electronic system had just come into use. I could not get my head around the instructions so I did as previously and put the CN22 on the back of the envelope. It reached its destination OK.

I now want to send something again. There is nothing in the online instructions about gifts below the trigger point for any duty applying.

I think the Post Office still allows you to print the postage with completing the electronic declaration, sure that is what I did last time.

Is it still OK to use a CN22 on a low value gift going to the USA? I don’t want to pay for the postage then find I have go back and try and fill in the electronic declaration.


You will still need to complete a CN22 showing what the goods are, the value and if its a gift or commercial transaction. I am not sure of the post office system but so long as you have this information on the parcel it will clear US customs OK.