Mehandi cone henna

Where can i find a HS code for henna Mehandi cone and Cottton bed sheet please.


hello @rrdesai you can search on the government trade tariff site here:

@awkennedy Thanks but i can not find it there. That was a reason i posted it here. As i m not sure under what cat. it should show up though. thanks

@rrdesai so are the sheets a blend of cotton and the other material?

@awkennedy, No it is henna paste in cones to make a temperory tattoo on skin. I am trying to find a code so can arrange shipment myself and pay duty rather than getting DDP with expensive quote.

@rrdesai ok I understand - from what I can see Mehandhi paste goes under commodity code: 3305900000. You should be able to ask your supplier for the commodity code for any item - especially if they are using DDP. It is showing as a duty free heading so you will just need to pay the import VAT which you can claim back if you are VAT registered.