Mixed Gift Sets

Can anyone advise on how to find a code for a mixed product gift set?
I need to classify a gift set which includes body products and candles
Thanks so much

You are going to have to work out more detail in order to get an HS.
a “Gift set” could be anything.
You need to define 2 things.
How you would describe this if you were advertising it to sell it. You would not say just Gift Set.
It might be Bathroom gift set , or Natural products body care for example

What is the main item. What is the product that gives it its essential character.

What is the container that the items are sold in.

If you still need help, let me know

Thanks for the info
I have for example a ‘Bathe’ gift set which includes bath products but also a candle?

It sounds like you have more than one type of product.
Lets stick with the “Bathe” set.
First , ignore the candle as it is not any sort of “Bathe” product.
Then find the most expensive item in the set.
That is then the product that sets the HS for the Set.

A good fit seems to be 370730 0000 (Perfumed bath salts and other bath preparations).
But if it is a travel set then this has a different HS code