New to this - any help and advice will be greatly appreciated


I am considering starting in importing and exporting and I am finding the commodity codes an absolute mine field.

I am looking into importing Rattan garden furniture -

Things like tables, chairs, sofas, dinning sets and other items such parasols and Rattan sun loungers.

From what I have learned so far a commodity code for a particular product takes into consideration things like materials and production methods and the commodity code ensures that I will be paying the correct taxes and import duties and ensures the product meets all legal and health and safety regulations of the country the products are bound for .

However understanding the different codes and how to make sure I get the correct code is proving very vague ( forgive my ignorance I am very new to all this )

Here is an example of product I am hoping to import and I am hoping someone can help me shed some light on the best way to go about this.

Rattan Garden Sofa - I will have an aluminium frame and the Rattan will either PE ( Synthetic Rattan ) or natural Rattan and and will also have cotton cushions.

How would I find the code and what process should I follow to get the correct commodity code.

Many Thanks

Use this link if i remember right towards the bottom of the EU HSEN they describe furniture in specific detail.