New Trade Tariff 2021

Hello, I would like to know something more about commodity code change between old tariff and the new one (January 2021).
An example, it is possible that in the new trade tariff does not exist commodity code 8708999790?
Someone can help me to find the new trade tariff for the 2021?
Is there maybe one file with comparison between new and old trade tariff?
Many thanks

UK tariffs from 1 January 2021

You can download the full UKGT (csv: 2.5mb).

Government amendments are highlighted in the ‘change’ column in the UK Global Tariff tool

Many thanks for your answer, do you know why in the new UK Tariff from 1 January 2021, there isn’t some commodity code?
current tariff: commodity 8708999790, car part - “other”
UK tariff (from 1 January): commodity 8708999790 does not exist.

I noticed that in the new UK Tariff 1 January, they deleted every commodity code with 10 digits “other”.
Do you have more information about it?

This statement is appears when you search using the online UK Global Tariff: 87089997

“In most cases, rates in the UKGT have been set at the 8 digit commodity code level. If you have a 10 digit commodity code, use the first 8 digits to search for your product”

I’m sorry I don’t know the reasoning behind it.

It is really tricky that because I can see for the same commodity code 10 digits, example:
But these commodity code are really specific for 10 digits.
I usually use 8708999790 “other car parts” and if I need 10 digits commodity code level, I dont’know what to use

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Most likely, there is not need in the UK do differentiate between different types of car parts, that’s why the new UKGT ends at 8 digits. The differentiation in the last two digits will be omitted.
For future customs declarations, we assume that the 8-digit-code will be filled up with two Zeros…