Pet Food Com Codes

Hi All, Just joined. I have an excel list of a load of products we sell to the pet industry. Fish, Venison, chicken flavored dog biscuits and so on. I have them all listed on an Excel. Does anyone know if I sent this excel to HMRC would they be kind enough to help with the com codes for each of them OR is it my responsibility to trawl through the myriad of routes to find the right fish or beef product? Thank you.

Hi cuzzer1202

have you tried the new bulk tariff code search tool from Parcelforce?

More info here:

Tool link here:

Hope this helps.

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It is the importers responsibility to classify goods. You can ask your supplier for a list of their commodity codes as they will need to declare the goods at time of export. This will at least give you an idea of the chapters you should be looking at if you can’t determine the headings using the gov website:

Most pet foods appears to fall under the chapter 2309 here