Play mat eva foam code

hi can any one tell me the commodity code for a childrens play mat made of eva foam.
its an interlocking puzzle mat

If it is a play mat (e.g. animals or cars to be fitted in), it would be 9503.0069
If it is a puzzle mat e.g. used for yoga / pilates, it would be 3918.9000

Thanks for that
The company that make it says it’s the bottom one
Shame because it’s a animal puzzle play mat which would reduce the import tax

There are different BTIs:

3918 for more “protective” mats (something to lie on):

9503 for something to actively play with:

Note: IT is responsibility of the importer to declare the correct code - if the latter is more appropriate, it does not necessarily matter what the manufacturer says…

Thank you very much . My mat is similar to the 2nd one so I will go with that one I think