Protein Shaker Commodity Code

Hi All (Again)

Whats the Commodity Code for protein shakers?

Do you mean the plastic beakers with lids?

Well metal with a plastic lid. They will be customised if that matters

The material they are made of is important in classification.

  • Plastic shakers with lids could be classified as: Plastic flasks under 3923 30 10 00 see the trade tariff website here

  • Metal shakers could be classified as: Metal (stainless steel) Kitchen and Tableware under 7323 93 00 90 see the trade tariff website here

You may find this article of interest:

Many thanks for your invaluable help.

I have just started importing today has been first day of sales and its gone crazy. So looking to widen my product listing

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Congratulations on starting your import business Oliver!

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