Question on Shipping Computer


I’m hoping someone can help me with a question. I am moving to the U.K. soon from the U.S.and would like to ship my iMac over. When I use the online duty and VAT tax calculators it of course takes the cost of the computer, shipping and insurance into account. The VAT and duty seems to come out to around 265 to 300 pounds. However, the total it say I will have to pay is more than the cost of a brand new computer. Since I have already paid for it in full more than 2 years ago (and I have proof of purchase), do I just pay the shipping and VAT/Duty fees of around a few hundred pounds, or will I be expected to pay the full nearly 1700 pounds to bring it into the U.K.? I would appreciate it if someone could clarify for me. Thank you.

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