Release Notes (28/11/2018)

In today’s release we have made the following updates:

  • We now display the monthly industrial euro conversion rates (for calculating duty)
  • We made the page display wider so that it can accommodate more information such as the VAT, Third country duty rate and the Supplementary unit
  • We display the 8 digits combined nomenclature code on the headings page on subheading codes (which should be useful for exporters) and make the codes easier to scan
  • We group footnotes together, when there are more than one, to help where there can be many footnotes on a measure
  • Fixed the display of quota data (where the quota periods were non-standard) for Moroccan tomatoes.
  • Fixed the display of Definitive anti-dumping duty additional codes on some goods
  • When looking at a measure’s regulation we also display if the regulation has had modifications
  • Improved the display of conditions on a measure to hide blank columns
  • Fixed the display of some additional codes which contained HTML

We previously displayed the UK excise in GBP, with the last release this is inadvertently being displayed as Euros, we will roll back that particular change to keep the excise in GBP as before, until we allow full currency switching.