Second and third supplementary units

We used to use the TSO file. I’m trying to find the additonal units that are on top of the EU supplementary unit. A good example is HS: 2106902010
In TSO, it had UOM1 = 023, UOM2= 066 and UOM3 = 076
I can’t find this information anywhere in the tariff lookup, API or data downloads.
thanks in advance!


If you use ASM Sequoia, the trade tariff can be found on the customs tab.


Specific Provisions


  1. Kg
  2. Litre of pure/100% alcohol

Full Rate
Litre|17.3% MIN 1 €/Litre of pure/100% alcohol


Preferential rates
ACP, CAC, EEA ICELAND, GSP+, LDDC (EBA), Occupied Territories Incl Gaza + Jericho, OCT, Yugoslav Republic - Free
AD, CA, CH, CO, EC, EG, EH, GE, IL, JO, JP, KR, LI, MA, MD, PE, SM, TN, TR, UA, XC, XL - Free
GSP A & B excl LDDC - 12.1%
CL, ZA - 12.1%
EEA - 16.8% MIN 0.97 €/Litre of pure/100% alcohol|

Hope this helps

@Skemp, I’m seeing a similar issue, kindly see my thread: Supplementary and third quantity