Solar collectors - evacuated tube collectors

Does any one know the correct code? There doesn’t seem to be anything for solar thermal collectors I can find. They are primarily made our of borosilicate glass (code 7020003000), but also contain some aluminium and copper.
We have a second product that combines the above with some photovoltaic cells. Again there is a code for photovoltaic cells but nothing for PV modules (solar PV panels) and certainly nothing for our hybrid product that combines PV with an evacuated tube.
We hope to be exporting all over the world from our manufacturing base in Italy and also deploying the technology in the UK (our home market).
We would like to get this right from the start. It seems the codes were written sometime ago and haven’t necessarily caught up with modern developments (maybe I’m doing them a disservice?!).
All suggestions / advice greatly received.

For the first item (as I don’t understand what this thing is doing :-)), have you checked HS position 8540?

For the PV module, it would be 8541