Supplementary and third quantity

In comparing the JSON service and the old TSO file, we note some discrepancies regarding supplementary units.
Consider 2009619010
The service says that there is no supplementary unit. It also says that soem duty calculations are based on HL (hectolitres). We could infer that the third quantity is HL.

The TSO file used to show the supplementary unit is 076 (litres) and no third unit.

Firstly, how do we resolve this (notwithstanding litres vs hectolitres)? Should we treat the unit in the duty calculation as the second unit when no second unit is expressly given? We must not have to guess like this, you must give us compete data. It is really right that there is no supp unit for this commodity?

Secondly, how do we resolve the factor of 100? If CHIEF wants litres and we ask users for hectolitres (based on the JSON service) then duty will be under reported.

In addition to the ones already reported here are some more unit codes that are missing:

kg/lactic matter e.g. commodity 0402291100
kg/dry lactic matter - for 0404104800
100 kg/net/%sacchar. For 2106905999


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Hi @Daniel.Clarke.WiseTech ,

I do agree that it is odd there is no supplementary unit on these commodity codes, I checked the EU and they also do not have one (where we get this information from).

As an example:

I can only assume they think it’s covered by part of the commodity code description e.g.

Of a value not exceeding € 18 per 100 kg net weight

But that would as you say be slightly at odds with some of the measures. I will have to raise this up to HMRC and see what they say.

With regards to the other issue, this is interesting, I did not know that CHIEF requires litres, as far as I can tell the EU has always used hectoliters. I will have to also raise this back to HMRC.


Hello Matt
Please let us know how you got on in raising this with HMRC.

Just to add to this - these units of measure are beyond what the EU specified and they were part of the old “TSO” data file. They seem to be required for the import clearance so it is quite important that they get added into the measures if at all possible.

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( reference thread I started: Second and third supplementary units )

Hi Everyone,

I will need to bring this up with a different team within HMRC. We currently get the data from CHIEF, but shortly we will be moving to CDS, I will need to discuss with the CDS team if this data is there and if not, they would need to include it as it’s used for the declarations.



Just read your statement…’ We currently get the data from CHIEF, but shortly we will be moving to CDS’ … are you going to still be supplying an API for CHIEF ?

Hi @Chris

To clarify, the data within CHIEF is the UK measures, these will also be within CDS, so the data will be the same, we will simply be getting it from a different source.

I will raise the issue again with HMRC, as you can imagine the last few weeks have been pretty hectic.


Hi Daniel,

It seems the EU has corrected the issue and that commodity code now has the litre supplementary unit, the other codes seem to have these units within the third country duty.

If you spot any other issues let me know and I can raise these with HMRC.


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