Surgical Face Masks - Which Code

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I have found a supplier in China for a large stock of the EN14683 3-ply surgical masks. This is my first time doing trading and by reading all the existing topics, I am quite confused if it should be classified as 6307909810 or 9020000020?
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Hi. There are some BTI’s for non-woven disposable masks. The commodity code stated is 6307909810

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HMRC - for the provision of masks suitable for supplying support workers at this COVID time, is HMRC really keeping to this code of 6307909810? This attracts a 6.3% (China) import duty rate … surely this should be duty free at this time (especially if they are being bought to provide FOC to support workers?)

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It’s the EU’s common customs tariff, nothing to do with HMRC. While we are in the brexit transition period the UK still has to abide by the EU rules. The UK tariff (still being discussed) wont come into force until 1st Jan 2021.

Apologies to HMRC (its in the email address when asking queries on classification).
These are masks to protect key workers for the current pandemic. Are you sure that rules cannot be amended prior to 2021? This is a significant cost that surely could and should be temporarily relaxed for the increased cost to nation if people cannot protect themselves as cheaply and easily as possible?

Hi, I believe these are the basic 3-ply surgical masks. Can someone please advise on the correct code for N95/FFP2 masks if different?

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Hello All, just to clarify that commodity 9020000000 description as follows - Other breathing appliances and gas masks, excluding protective masks having neither mechanical parts nor replaceable filters
so in the case of the disposable three or four ply surgical masks this wouldn’t be appropriate.
If the protective ‘surgical’ type masks are made of nonwoven textiles then chapter 6307 would be the place to go. For anything else, start with what the masks are made from (ie paper) etc.

Hi guys, I am working in freight industry and can confirm the HS code is below: 63079010

PPE and other protective equipment,Masks,63079010,“Made-up articles of textile materials, incl. dress patterns, knitted or crocheted, n.e.s.”,“Textile face-masks, without a replaceable filter or mechanical parts, including surgical masks and disposable face-masks made of knitted textiles (this includes the masks known as N95 Particulate Respirators) ; FFP2 and FFP3 face masks” (for who was asking about FFP2)

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