Tariff code nightmare

Hi, I have many parts that I use as spares on golf ride on buggys, I find to try and find the commodity code a nightmare , spending hours on a gobbydegook site , which is nigh on impossible to find . Majority of cases I input the description , and states cannot find .
will tariff classification e mail be able to tell me, as there is around 25-30 different items .

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Commodity information for 8703101800

Parts and accessories of the motor vehicles of headings 8701 to 8705

As the last person mentioned i have spent over an hour on this web site try in to find a HS Tarriff fcode/commodity code on Parcel Forces web site to send some secondhand car parts to Norway. I have put in numerous codes and it will not accept them. The parts are for a classic car over 30years old and it is the gear change linkage. Your site is not easy to use and is far too many terms for the same thing and the drop down boxes do not give you any information !