Tariffs on leaving EU?

Hi there, I import commodity code 0406105090 from Italy and it is the main ingredient necessary for my business.Naturally at present there is no tariff on this.I have read some horror story saying that it may become liable to 185.20 euro tariff per 100KG without a customs union???if this is true I may as well forget all my hard work in building up this business from scratch over the last 2 years.

Hi Nigel,

the standard EU duty rate would in fact be 185.20 €/100kg.

According to a proposal to the UK parlioament, at least for the coming months after Brexit, the duty rate for 04061050 items shall generally be zero.
You can find this information in the reference table (not yet accepted by the Parliament!):

Hi there, thanks for your reply.So to clarify, best case scenario in a no deal Brexit it remains tariff free for a few months perhaps then goes onto the EU tariff?And hopefully on a Brexit with a customs union agreement the tariff free status(ie currently) will remain.:crossed_fingers:

The duty rates in the draft document are for the sceanrio of a hard Brexit. If Parliament accepts them, the duty rate will be zero (initial information stated that this should be for 10-12 months). Most likely, this will become permanent afterwards, I’d guess…

With a customs union, EU imports would be “duty free” as well.

Hi there, it is only subject to 185.2 per 100kgs if imported outside the EU. Kind Regards

Hi and thanks for the replies.Its very much appreciated.