Trade Tariff During Transition Period

We’re finalizing the preparations of our trade tariff application for Brexit. In the current version of our application, the UK trade tariff is included as one of the EU countries for which we offer a trade tariff and we combine data from the UK trade tariff API with, amongst many other sources, EU tariff data from the TARIC3 database. After Brexit, we’ll need to make some changes to reflect the fact that the UK will no longer be a member of the EU. We’re curious which changes to the trade tariff API we can expect during the transition period. That is, which changes can we expect at which moment?

A few specific questions:

  • When can we expect the introduction of new geographical areas (regions / country groups) which include the EU countries?
  • At what point can we expect the nomenclature to diverge?
  • At what moment does the EU TARIC3 database no longer function as a valid data source on which the UK tariff data is based?

Many thanks, Wout


Hi Wout,

Thanks for getting in touch.

We have a new API for the geographical areas, it at the moment (as we are still in the EU) has the same data as TARIC, but will be updated with the latest data once it is published by the UK.

I believe in the EU Exit data published to date there is no divergence, however, we do not know when the UK will diverge, I assume DIT/HMRC will publish forward notice of this.

I think that depends on the deal that is agreed with the UK/EU, is there is no extension to the transition period then December 31st 2022. The data on the UK Trade Tariff/API will be kept up to date with what HMRC publish.

Now posted in the API category with the latest changes in the API

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