UK Global Trade Tariff missing commodity codes?

I have been checking the duty rates for UK Global tariff for chemicals that we import and cannot find a code/material listed for: Trichloroisocyanuric acid, also referred to as ‘symclosene’ under the international non-proprietary name (INN)
Current code: 2933698070
I have tried just typing in first 8 digits but still doesn’t show?
Many thanks

Some tariff lines are currently not specifically covered in UKGT - there also is no 2933.6980.90…

The UKGT currently is a mixture of 8-digit and 10-digit codes. As there is no autonomous tariff suspension for Trichloroisocyanuric acid, it will only fall under the future “fallback” position 2933.6980 (for the IT systems, it will most likely then be 2933.6980.90 again, but there is no official publication for the last two digits yet).

You will thus currently find it here:

Simplified duty rate will be 6%