UKGT - API release for similiar process to now

Hey Support teams,

I was wondering when the same API facility will become available for the UKGT ? is there a switch over? will the same API config remain the same?

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Hi @JamieH,

We’re about to release a new update to bring the tariff inline with the latest GOV.UK design/accessibility standards. I was also going to mention the plan for the rest of 2020, but in short yes the APIs will remain the same come 2021.

We are in the process of migrating our data sources from CHIEF/TARIC to CDS which will contain all the data for UKGT in 2021.


Hi @matt_bitzesty any plans on making this available before 31st Dec?

We will only be able to publish the data that HMRC makes available, so what ever is agreed/when it is agreed we would be able to publish at that time.